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In 2013, for the first time in this country, Australian audiences were able to watch a dedicated Australian produced hunting show on free to air television.The ground-breaking series returns for Series 7 in 2021 and will go to air from April 15 on the free to air CH44 Digital network & Foxtel Aurora Ch 173.

The series is presented & produced by Rob Fickling from Moroka.30.  We have seen Rob’s passion for Australian hunting through his business and impressive range of gear and designs and now this passion has flowed on to our television screens. As the name suggests “Beyond the Divide” provides an adventure hunting series that not only captures the spirit of hunters and hunting in this country, in and around the Great Dividing Range, but also portrays what it takes to be an Australian, hunting and surviving challenging environments overseas.

Metaphorically “Beyond the Divide” also refers to the challenges we have faced as hunters in this country in having our hunting recreation accepted by the general public, politicians and the media. The show features both local and overseas content, in Rob’s mind this was a crucial point as there is a strong underlying message of educating the Australian public with Beyond The Divide.


Rob considers it very important that local audiences get to see just how well hunting is accepted overseas and equally so, foreign hunting principles, ethics, practices and game management. While the show does not hide the fact it is a hunting series, it is refreshing to see that it has been tastefully filmed and produced. This is the first time that a hunting show has been produced and broadcast in Australia, for Australian audiences. This alone represents a dramatic leap forward in representing the wider Australian hunting community, the values we stand for as hunters and the love and respect we all share for wild places and the animals that inhabit them.

Aussie hunters are some of the toughest and most ethical hunters in the world. For this reason all of the hunts have been strictly free range, fair chase and on foot, and portray the real spirit behind ethical hunting. The series aims to both inform and entertain while reaching hunters of all levels as well as appealing to those who are new to the sport. Beyond The Divide’s excellent production standards and quality content, strikes an interesting balance to interest as wide an audience as possible and create a very unique and entertaining program, that appeals to the everyday adventurer, as well as the more hard-core hunting element.  In some circumstances Rob and his co-presenters push themselves to their absolute physical and mental limits in some of the most amazing and remote environments.

Each episode is a polished, entertaining production, featuring some spectacular scenery, amazing footage of wildlife, some exciting stalks and hard earned trophies along the way.

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